Kickstart Your Elopement!

Are you dreaming of a uniquely personal wedding but the thought of planning it is overwhelming you? 


This 5-day online course will give you all the tools you need to begin planning a carefree elopement that truly reflects your personalities and your love for each other.




MARCH 8-15, 2021










After completing this workshop you’ll know:


  • How to find the ideal location for your elopement
  • How to make the day uniquely yours
  • How to choose your color palette and theme
  • How to create a ceremony that truly reflects your values, likes and dislikes
  • How to begin planning an elopement tailored specifically to the two of you
  • How to create a vision board you can share that defines the mood, style, theme, and colors of your elopement

The steps & exercises you’ll learn in this 5-day workshop are the same ones I’ve shared with dozens of couples around the world for more than a decade to help them make their vision of a perfect wedding a reality.


I'm interested!

I’ve created this workshop to help you:

  • Get a clear vision of your perfect elopement

  • Design a wedding infused with your own personalities and traditions

  • Avoid a cookie-cutter pre-planned wedding

  • Create an unforgettable experience (wherever in the world)

What You'll Learn Each Day


Day 1: Visualize Your Dream Elopement

No two elopements are alike, just as no two couples are the same. In this session, I’ll show you some fun ways to discover who you are as a couple and devise an image for your elopement wedding that reflects both of you.

Day 2: How to Find Your Ideal Location

Where you decide to elope will help determine the theme of your wedding. Together, we’ll explore the possibilities and find the ideal location for you.

Day 3: Color, Design, and Texture (made easy)

Not everyone is an artist or has a natural feeling for design. On Day Three, I’ll guide you through choosing colors and textures that will mirror your location and the spirit of your wedding.

Day 4: Themes, Themes, Themes

The work you’ve done in the first three sessions now points you to a theme that resonates. We’ll explore a myriad of possibilities and show you how to create your own unique theme.

Day 5: Create Your Elopement Mood Board

On the final day, we’ll take everything we’ve learned in the first four sessions, and create your elopement mood-board with your chosen location, theme, and color palette. You’ll share it with your team to make your dream wedding a reality.


Why me?


I’ve spent more than a decade helping couples like you create the perfect elopement in the world’s most beautiful and romantic locations, and I’ve shared my tips and gained knowledge which I share in my book: The Elopement Experience.

In this course, I’ll show you the steps I’ve used with my clients to help them clarify their vision of the ideal wedding.

This is the foundation to having a perfect elopement, one that is meaningful to you.

I believe you should have a solid idea of what you want before scouting venues and vendors.

Let me show you how.

xo Rochelle

What You'll Get…




A downloadable Canva template for your image vision board


Exclusive access to the Kickstart Your Elopement private Facebook group


My Kickstart Your Elopement Workbook with fun exercises to do


My guide to picture-perfect wedding photos