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elopement destination


Where's the best place to elope?

The best place to elope is the place that makes you both happy. 

When picking an elopement destination, your options are endless. Want to elope on a mountaintop in the Italian Dolomites? Do you see yourself saying your vows on the beach in Positano? 

The options are endless!

It can be difficult to pick just one place! If you’re feeling overwhelmed, try my elopement program. 

The “Where to Elope” program will help clarify your ideas and personalize your dream wedding, step by step.  


What's inside the workbook?

This is one workbook you’ll want to save for decades to come

Planning an elopement can be stressful for many couples. That’s why I designed this free elopement workbook to guide you and your partner through the process. At the end of the process, expect to pick out the romantic elopement location that speaks to both of you!

Along with the workbook, you will get a series of emails and videos to show you real-life elopements in some of the world's most beautiful places. Many of my couples find this part the most helpful; you can visualize your ceremony in each destination!

Fill this workbook out together or separately to help you narrow down your ideal location. This can be done digitally or physically once you print the workbook. Plus, there’s space for both of you! Here’s what you can expect: 

  • The 17-page workbook (beautifully designed)
  • 10 video emails showcasing real-life elopements around the world
  • My complete list of my favorite places to elope
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The Magic of a Destination Elopement

Do you dream of getting married in a magnificent location?

There’s something so special about traveling to a breathtakingly beautiful place where you plan to promise your life to your partner. That location - wherever it may be - will always hold a part of your heart. 

When it comes to picking an elopement destination, I always say, “The farther the better!” Think about visiting someplace you have always wanted to visit. Getting away from your day-to-day routine can make the journey feel all the more special. Plus, you can plan your honeymoon around your elopement destination! 

Why not try some of these ideas?

  • A remote island, only accessible by boat or private plane, like Capri in Italy or Lizard Island in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. 
  • A majestic cliff with 360 seascape views, like the Italian Dolomites or Big Sur in California 
  • An alpine lake hidden between snow-capped mountains, like Lake Tahoe or Lake Como in Italy 
  • A culturally rich location with lots to see and do, like Oaxaca in Mexico or Rome in Italy. 


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