Discover the elopement wedding color trends for 2022

Elopement weddings have always been for couples who wish to embrace an intimate affair on their special day. And what could be better than celebrating the spirit of love and togetherness at a magical destination, far away from hustle and bustle in a beautiful private space?

If you have plans to take your relationship to the next level and make it official then it's the right time to start with the preparations. There are so many aspects that play an essential role in your nuptials, such as your wedding attire, theme, destination, honeymoon location, and most importantly what color to choose as the base for your overall wedding design. 

When you are in the planning process, deciding on the wedding color is an essential step as several other decisions are based on the shades you choose. The palette has the power to set the tone and theme of the celebration, regardless of whether it is a large-scale and lavish event or an elopement wedding.

When you are planning your event, colors are the first thing you should choose as this influences flowers, decor, attire, and many other elements.

In my blog post, I am going to share some of the elopement wedding color trends of 2022 that are going to dominate elopement weddings! Take a look:

Dusty Rose Pink 

Dusty shades of rose pink make for a dreamy appearance, especially when paired with neutral or softer shades. This color goes well with any skin tone and works excellently for both the classic and modern styles of ceremony depending on your decor choices. These warm hues like dusty rose or ruby are perfect for every season and can be used at any time of the year.

Berry inspired colors

Reddish tones of mauve colors are sure to be popular in the coming months, especially for summer or fall weddings. These shades add vibrancy and a romantic edge to the weddings they’re used in. For those planning elopement weddings in the fall or sometime during the winter, then you can also experiment with darker accents to beautifully match with the season.

Blue: another elopement wedding color trend of 2022

Blue is a versatile color that goes well with many types of themes. Shades of blue can offer a perfect look whether you are indulging in an ultra classic ballroom reception or a laid-back elopement wedding at your dream location. The shade can be strong enough to stand on its own without being overpowering especially if you pair it with other colors such as pink, or yellow. 

Jewel tones

Jewel tones are likely to dominate in the year 2022 as one of the wedding color trends. Specifically, tones of burgundy and gold will be a wonderful reflection of the autumn season and look beautiful when used in combination with wine, amber, or navy. Jewel tones give luxury appeal especially if your occasion will take place in an outdoor setting such as a vineyard, or a ski location.


Looking for ways to add spark and glam to your special day? If you want to elope in style on your big day then go for metallic hues. Metallics are going to be huge this year, and if you are planning for a winter wedding, you could also consider colors such as black, silver, and gold, which can exude style and class. 

These are the elopement wedding color trends that are going to make a statement in 2022.

Typically, in terms of seasons, lighter shades are perfect for summer as they are more comfortable to wear in the heat.

I hope that the information I have shared through my guide will help you make a perfect dreamy statement on your elopement day. If you wish to explore further and want to add a dash of style to your intimate affair, why not sign up for my online mini course STYLE YOUR ELOPEMENT!