Why Choose Laguna Beach for Your Luxury Elopement



In this blog post, we explore the world of luxury elopements in Laguna Beach, California—a hidden gem for couples seeking an intimate and picturesque wedding. Laguna Beach's stunning coastline, pristine beaches, lush gardens, and upscale resorts make it an ideal destination for eloping in California with a touch of luxury.


In this coastal destination, your elopement experience will be truly unforgettable. Just south of Los Angeles and North of San Diego, you find this quaint, nestled seaside town offering a beautiful eloping backdrop. If you have always dreamed of an elegant, intimate wedding, consider joining us as we plan your luxury elopement in captivating Laguna. Together, let us craft a wedding day that authentically reflects your unique style and love story.


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Why Choose Laguna Beach for Your Luxury Elopement:

Stunning Beaches: 

Laguna Beach features stunning coastlines, golden sands, and captivating sunsets (or sunrises if you prefer!), providing a picturesque backdrop for your elopement. Many beaches here offer natural beauty, privacy, and unique features- like towers, tide pools, and sea caves. A beach elopement here would be an excellent choice as it offers privacy without compromising the backdrop. Below are a couple of our favorite beaches for eloping:

  • Thousand Steps Beach: Despite its name, Thousand Steps Beach is a true gem with a stunning, secluded cove accessible by a staircase adorned with—you guessed it—1,000 steps. The effort is well worth it for the privacy and breathtaking ocean views it provides.
  • Victoria Beach: Famous for its charming "Pirate Tower" tower, Victoria Beach boasts a lovely crescent-shaped cove surrounded by rocky cliffs. It's a romantic spot perfect for intimate elopements– and a stunning landmark.

Year-Round Appeal for a California Elopement

Southern California enjoys pleasant weather year-round, making Laguna a perfect destination for a beachside elopement or, more specifically, an outdoor affair! While the fall and spring months are favorable due to less tourism and more of a local feel– each season is truly remarkable in its own way.  Here's a breakdown of why we believe Spring and Fall are the best seasons and what to expect in terms of climate:

  • Spring (March to May): Spring brings mild temperatures and blooming wildflowers. It is an excellent time for an outdoor luxury elopement with a comfortable sea breeze. Imagine a floral backdrop and the sounds of crashing waves. Quite luxurious if you ask me! 
  •  Early Fall (September to October): Early fall is a delightful time to visit, with warm and pleasant weather; sunsets are clear and vibrant as the fog has settled post-summer. Fall is easily the most magnificent time for an elopement by the sea. 

Secluded Romance in Southern California: 

Private coves, hidden gardens, and quiet beach spots offer intimacy for your luxury elopement. With diverse options, you can tailor your day to add the vibe you seek. The seaside town offers several beautiful options that serve as picturesque settings for hosting a luxury elopement. Below, we highlight some options, including:

  • Shaw's Cove: Shaw's Cove is another hidden treasure in town, celebrated for its clear waters and fantastic snorkeling opportunities. It is a tranquil and intimate location for an elopement by the sea.
  • Table Rock Beach (Cove): Nestled below Table Rock Point, this cove features a beautiful sea cave and is known for its peaceful and serene atmosphere, making it an ideal setting for a romantic elopement.
  • Hortense Miller Garden:  This private garden is a hidden gem in Laguna Beach, known for its lush and colorful landscape. Set in a botanical garden, it features exotic plants, winding pathways, and breathtaking ocean views—an ideal place for an intimate elopement.
  • Alta Laguna Park: Also known as "Top of the World" park, this location offers stunning views of the Laguna Beach coastline and the surrounding canyons. It's a popular elopement spot due to its expansive vistas and serene atmosphere. 



Luxurious Venues In Laguna Beach, California 

There is no shortage of luxe and upscale venues in this seaside town. From beachfront resorts to those lush gardens we mentioned earlier in this post– Laguna has you covered in luxury, and the best part is it is found in so many different corners of the town.  Below, we list out some exceptional options for finding your luxe venue: 

  • Luxury Spa Resort | Montage Laguna Beach: The Montage is a five-star oceanfront resort renowned for its elegance and picturesque location. The perfect blend of comfort and luxury!  The Montage offers various elopement venues, including oceanfront lawns, lush gardens, and intimate terraces with stunning Pacific Ocean views.
  • The Ranch at Laguna Beach is where the sea and canyon meet- a gorgeous boutique resort that combines rustic charm with modern luxury. The Canyon and Creek View Lawns and the Tree House provide enchanting settings for intimate elopements surrounded by nature.
  • Casa Laguna Hotel & Spa: This Mediterranean-style hotel boasts lush gardens, courtyards, and a serene pool area. It's an elegant and intimate venue for luxury events.
  • The Inn At Laguna Beach: This inn offers a charming and upscale atmosphere steps from the beach. Their Pacific Terrace, with panoramic ocean views, is perfect for intimate gatherings.
  • Terra Laguna Beach is a beautiful and unique venue in Laguna Canyon, Laguna Beach, California. It offers a serene and picturesque setting for your elopement.

Culinary Scene for your Laguna Elopement

Enhance your elopement with gourmet dining– or opt for a delicious meal with an unmatched view. In Laguna, you can find a variety of cuisines and share a memorable meal with your loved ones. Below, we list out a few of the exquisite restaurants: 

  • Loft | Montage Laguna Beach:  Set against ocean views, The Loft offers contemporary American cuisine, focusing on seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. It's an ideal choice for a romantic dinner.
  • Splashes: Set 25 feet above the sea, you find Splashes, an elegant coastal-inspired California fare. Driven by a culinary team that prides itself in fresh, local, and delicious ingredients. This restaurant is perfect for enjoying your meal with the waves crashing below you. Indeed, it is an excellent option for seaside dining!
  • Mozambique: Mozambique features three levels of dining, including the new Veranda rooftop dining area that boasts panoramic ocean views; the Durban Room, which offers an intimate atmosphere; and the Shabeen room, which is always popular and lively during happy hour. The menu celebrates a blend of American and South African flavors, Portuguese traditions, and exotic spices as well as more familiar wood-fired steaks and seafood.


Eloping in California's hidden gem, Laguna Beach, is an excellent choice– from the canyon to the beach, this seaside town is a truly spectacular destination for a luxury elopement. Here, you'll find luxury and natural beauty combined for an unforgettable elopement. With incredible options–  pristine beaches, lush gardens, and stunning resorts, it's the perfect destination for an intimate and picturesque elopement. Experience the beauty of secluded coves for a romantic ceremony or lush gardens for a captivating backdrop. Enjoy the year-round appeal, offering mild spring temperatures and delightful early fall weather. Your luxury elopement in Laguna Beach promises the perfect blend of natural beauty, privacy, upscale venues, and culinary delights, ensuring cherished memories of your special day.

Thinking about running away to get married in Laguna Beach, California? It's a beautiful spot by the majestic Pacific Ocean with a European feel. Want to make it happen? Contact us, and we'll help you plan it.