What Is An Elopement Versus An Intimate Wedding?

What Is An Elopement Versus An Intimate Wedding?

Are you planning to get married? While planning your special day, you may come across a lot of information about intimate and elopement weddings. In this post, I'll discuss the main differences between an elopement and an intimate wedding.

Many couples these days are choosing to tie the knot in an intimate atmosphere in the presence of their loved ones or just the two of them. 

Elopements and small weddings have gained a lot of popularity due to the unparalleled feel of such cozy celebrations.

However, many couples often use the term interchangeably, which can lead to confusion while planning your dream wedding.

There is a difference. I'll discuss the advantages, so you can decide which one will be the perfect choice for you.

What is an Elopement Wedding?

Elopements used to be when a couple plans to run away and get married in secret, but luckily elopements have evolved and it is a preferred choice for many engaged couples. 

Sometimes it is only the couple, the officiant, and their photographer, and other times family members and select friends can be present.

In any case, it is all about savoring the romance between the two, completely out of everyone’s eyes.

Nowadays many couples choose to elope in style and want to put as much attention to venue, decor, cocktail hour, cake, and first dance as a traditional wedding but on a smaller scale. Instead of a reception, you spend the time exploring the destination or doing a fun activity like going on a wine tour or having a boat ride along Lake Como.

Who says an elopement can’t be as lavish and elaborate as a big wedding?  

The couple can plan to elope in their hometown or a dream destination of their choice.

The reasons why couples may choose to elope are varied. For many, having a lavish wedding isn't something they are looking into; they have always envisioned something intimate for the two of them in an incredibly dreamy location.

  • When you elope, you have a lot of flexibility in your schedule. Since you don't have reception and a set time waiting for you, you have a lot of quality time to work with your photographer for incredible photos. It enables you to adjust your timeline to focus more on enjoying the moment.
  • Elopement weddings can be planned almost anywhere – historic landmarks, gorgeous beaches, local parks, exquisite mountains, etc. These are just the handful of areas where the elopement occurs. In short, the world is your oyster!
  • Couples enjoy their leisure time while focussing solely on themselves without getting distracted or entertaining masses of friends and family members.
  • The biggest advantage of elopement weddings is intimacy. Having just the two lets you explore the destination and gives you quality time to be together doing the things you love most.

What is an Intimate Wedding or a Micro Wedding?

These are small celebrations with fewer guests where the couples can invite usually up to 10 people.

These are the weddings that follow the same schedule and details as larger events but are done to suit a smaller guest list.

For example, you get to host a ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception, just as a big celebration. This affair also involves invitations, logistics, planning, and etiquette that goes along with traditional weddings.

Couples these days plan weddings with a smaller guest list so they can enjoy themselves with their close family and friends who matter the most, rather than entertaining a huge crowd.

  • Couples enjoy special time bonding with close family or friends at a conducive destination while exploring different activities, sightseeing, and many more leading up to the big day.
  • Intimate weddings are most structured and require planning.
  • They allow you to personalize small details, which would have otherwise been difficult with a larger celebration. Couples benefit by really creating a customized experience that extends beyond the wedding.
  • Having smaller guests means you can spend more on the quality of the details. For many brides, it allows flexibility in the budget to get their dream jewelry, stylist, dress, decor, and a lot more.

Intimate weddings, micro weddings, tiny weddings, small weddings, and elopement weddings are all about doing more for fewer people. They are the big celebrations planned on a small scale and budget. These have reinvented the way we celebrate our special occasions.